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What We Do

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Close Protection Unit

All our close protection officers are highly skilled in assessing threats and risks, tactical driving techniques, first aid, protocol and etiquette and the use of necessary force to deal with threats. Complete threat analysis and risk assessment are completed on an ongoing basis prior to the commencement of duties.


We provide a large range of intelligence security solutions, applying methods and investigation geared towards ensuring safe and secure business environment.

Event Security

Our corporate event security, services are individually tailored to our clients requirements and our expert security operations are thoroughly planned with your team and all stakeholders.

Armed & Unarmed Guards

Our security guarding services are provided to corporations private and residential homes, functions and events nationwide.

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Armed Reaction Unit

Our monitoring and armed response services are closely integrated and combine hi-tech solutions with dedicated manpower that are there when you need us.

Risk Solutions

Our consultants are trained to provide a professional security risk assessment that details the potential threat, how the threat might manifest itself and how to best mitigate against the risk of the threat.

National Key Point Security

We have knowledge of protecting NKP according to the National Key Point Act and Regulations, providing protection of sites of national strategic importance.